Director & Editor of Documentary Film & Television 

"Kill All Redneck Pricks: A Documentary Film about a Band Called KARP"

Here is a trailer I directed, wrote, shot (concert footage by Trevor Banta), and edited for a feature length documentary film I was hired to produce for the LA based music companies IHEARTCOMIX, and Media Contender. Filming took place all over the continental United States and included appearances by artists such as: Grimes, Pictureplane, Big Freedia, Spank Rock, The Death Set, DJ Franki Chan and many more. Pre-production, production, and preperation for post-production were completed for the film before the film was abandoned by the financing parties when a Kickstarter campaign launched by the financiers failed to cover finishing costs.

"Kill All Redneck Pricks" is a film I wrote, directed, shot and edited, it features Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill), Kimya Dawson, Calvin Johnson (K Records/Beat Happening), Buzz Osbourne and Dale Crover of The Melvins and many more. K.A.R.P. was screened over 70 times in 10 countries, translated into 3 languages and received a lot of press including a review of "Excellent" in The San Francisco Bay Guardian and "3 out of 4 stars" in The Seattle Times. In Los Angeles the film had a sold out screening at Cinefamily.

"Here to be Heard: The Story of The Slits"

"Get Amongst It: The Story of the First Check Yo Ponytail Tour"

Here to be Heard is a feature length documentary film I directed, wrote, shot and edited for London based film financing company Head Gear Films and Moviehouse Entertainment about Britain's first all girl punk band, The Slits. The documentary was filmed in locations all over the US, UK, and mainland Europe, the film features: Viv Albertine (Award winning Author/Slits Guitarist), Tessa Pollitt (Slits Bassist), Palmolive (Slits Drummer, Raincoats), Don Letts (BBC DJ/Filmmaker), Adrian Sherwood (Producer), Dennis Bovell (Producer), Vivien Goldman (NYU's Punk Professor) and many more.